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Graphics Directory

Submission Rules

Access to Graphics Directory

By joining our directory, you give us permission to post your link in our web site.

The content of site should be appropriate with the laws.
Absolutely no illegal, racist, hate, pornographic web sites will be accepted.
We reserve the right to delete or reject any site we deem inappropriate, or in direct conflict with our principles.

Your website or part of it must be dedicated to Graphics (see categories).

To submit your link, you must first create an account, it's free and easy.

Then your homepage or a specific page may be added once to the directory, choose right category or "* If you don't know where" choice and webmaster will determine or create the good category.
You can submit again your website in an other category, BUT:
- with different adress,
- AND different description dedicated to this specific part.

You will write descriptions in language used on your site or in english for extended understanding.
Fill language field, that will determine a flag for this language.
The description of your site should be appropriate with main content or specific chapter.

A logo, banner or any image can be chosen, if not, an automatic screencopy of your home page will be used.
Thumbnail or resizing is automatic (maximum view size will be 468 in width and 300 in height)

Each time someone hits your site, it counts for Clicks Number.

You can add also up to 3 images for your site, they will be displayed in your full view page.

Full view of your site will include Google Pagerank of your homepage, Clicks Number, Screen copy of your homepage, Images added and others utilities.
See an example of listing full view page

You can edit, manage your listings in your account.

Adding a site in this directory will be profitable to your website, also to this directory.

You can link to us HERE, thank you.

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